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Co-Working space · startup community · networking platform

Co-working space with offices and shared work spaces for serious entrepreneurs in the largest startup community in Denmark.
We focus on utilizing in-house resources, professional guidance, knowledge-sharing and learning.

Creators Floor
Co-working space

Creators Floor is a modern co-working space targeted at smaller and scalable innovative businesses.

Our vision is to use our experience to establish the optimal conditions for young businesses through knowledge sharing and professional guidance, feedback and discussion.

Our network provides access to some of the most knowledgeable and ambitious growing businesses in Denmark.

Symbion meets CBS

Creators Floor is the merging of Symbion, the largest startup-community in Denmark and CBS, the leading Business School in Denmark.

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Creators Floor ideas and values

Move into our co-working space

Dedicated desk

kr. 2.445 / mo

A seat in our shared office featuring your own dedicated desk in an inspiring and creative startup environment. You get the opportunity to mingle and network with your fellow entrepreneurs at Creators Floor.

Your own office

from kr. 4.074 / mo

Get your own private office at Creators Floor. We offer small and medium sized offices fitting for companies with 2-8 people. You can easily swap between office sizes that best fit your current situation.


from kr. 1.395 / mo

Membership gives you access to our dynamic co-working spaces at Creators Floor, Symbion and Univate. Get access to our community with over 300 companies and all events.

Virtual office

kr. 475 / mo

A virtual office gives you access to use our common areas and book our meeting rooms when you need them. You also get a professional address with a mailbox and access to our networking events.

All prices are shown excluding VAT.

Benefits of our co-working space

  • Free coffee and tea.
  • Access to use the canteen.
  • Free parking.
  • Cleaning service included.
  • Print center.
  • High speed internet.
  • Access to informal common areas to hangout and meet.
  • Access to events, workshops and “talks”.
  • “Friday bar” and other social events.
  • Flexible lease agreements.

Get more information

Have you and your company got special needs or wishes, please contact us and let us discuss your ideas.

You are more than welcome to give us a call if you would like more information about what we can offer or if you would like to schedule a tour.


Network is important when developing your business. At Creators Floor you get access to the leading entrepreneurial community in Denmark featuring both professional and social events including the Friday Bar, sports days etc.

You will have the opportunity to connect with other knowledge-intensive companies in the Symbion-network during work, lunch or over a nice cold beer at the Friday bar.

In our experience, a strong network is key to growth. The dense concentration of knowledge and creative ideas provides you easy access to guidance and business development.

Knowledge and learning

In addition to being a co-working space, Creators Floor and Symbion is a platform for sharing knowledge, guidance with experts etc.

Each month we conduct workshops and presentations focusing on relevant and professional information within a wide range of relevant topics.

The topics are aimed towards startups and growing companies and their typical needs in developing their business.

Creators Floor: Part of a unique story

Symbion is owned by the Symbion Foundation and a number of private shareholders, including the KU and CBS. Symbion is thus founded on a genuine wish to strengthen and empower entrepreneurship in Denmark.

Symbion was founded in 1986. The vision was to create the optimal environment for entrepreneurs by linking research and entrepreneurship with the knowledge and experience of the established Danish business.

This vision still accurately describe Symbion as a business today.

We have 30 year of experience in helping startup companies scale their business. An experience that make us difference and unique from other co-working spaces.